JourMS Issue 7 2022

Creativity for a Cause

Nicole Musselman Letter from the Editor
Lincoln AddisonMigrant Mothers in High Value Horticulture; Learning from One Zimbabwean Mother’s Story in South Africa
Nikki Fragala BarnesBook of Homes; a contemplative experiment
Maya BhaveReflections on Matrelinqual Identity: How mothers conceptualize the loss of proximate mothering
Shweta BistMotherhood, Art, and a Pandemic
Clarissa Monteiro BorgesHiding (Trap)”: Living and Mothering During Quarantine in Brazil
Natalie BruvelsCat Attack Collective: Painting and Installation in the Postmaternal
Debadrita ChakrabortyCan Bollywood mothers speak: Exploring motherhood agency and subjectivity in mainstream Hindi Cinema
Meredith L. Clements“I will hold your hand through my disease:” Using poetic narrative to interpret the role of mother-patient during advanced-stage cancer
Cline, K. M. C., Taylor, E., Bain, C. M., Pluff, A. I., Petrusa, J., Atkinson, J., & Tarizzo, M. T.Psychological Effects of Mothers of High School Student-Athletes: Predicting Depressive Symptoms
Katharine CovinoPoems Exploring Motherhood, Friendship, Teaching and Loss
Lori CrawfordWhen Words Are Not Enough, #ArtToo, Can Reinvigorate: A Fellow Artist Reflects On the Power of Art by Women Artists
Shelby HennessyCross-Racial Conversations of Motherhood: The Multifacets and Faces of Motherhood in Alejandro Morales’s The Rag Doll Plagues
Christina H. HodelThe Pyramid Effect: Gender, Class, and Sass on Dance Moms
Charlyn Marie IngwersonMaternal Critical Theory: Reading to Change the World
Hazel Katherine LarkinAbreast of Things: CONTENT WARNING: This article references child sexual abuse, self-loathing, and self-harm. Please exercise self-care if / when you choose to read it, and access mental health support if you feel you need it.
McDermott, Tyler, LadhaniM/Othering rhythms, tenure clocks, and methodological pauses: Knowledge-creation with/in an unfinished ethnodrama
Lindsey RubenBreastfeeding Against the Clock: Motherhood on the Tenure Track 
By Lindsey Reuben
Weinbaum, Sanchez-ValenzuelaReinstalling Great Mother Presence on an Island of Women Today
Tracy SidesingerThe New Community Psychoanalysis Paradigm: Utilizing Relational Theory and Matriarchal Governance Structures as Foundations for Social Change
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