McDermott, Tyler, Ladhani


Mairi McDermott is an Associate Professor and chair of Curriculum and Leanring at the Werklund School of Education. As a m/otherscholar her research is presently focused on mothering as a category of analysis that opens space to demystify oppressive and violence social structures.

Recent publications include: 

McDermott, M. (2020/2021). Learning from the experiences of mothers of school-aged children on tenure track during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Journal of the Motherhood Initiative, 11(2) / 12(1), 247-264.

McDermott, M. (2020). Becoming a mother in the academy: A letter to my children. In S. E. Eaton & A. Burns (Eds.) Women negotiating life in the academy: A Canadian perspective (pp. 161-173). New York, NY: Springer.

McDermott, M. (2020). Mapping the terrains of student voice pedagogies: An autoethnography. New York, NY: Peter Lang.

McDermott, M. (2020). On what autoethnography did in a study on student voice pedagogies: A mapping of returns. The Qualitative Report, 25(2), 347-358.

Stephanie Tyler is a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary. Her research interests focus on decolonizing and Indigenous approaches to education.

Recent Publications Include: 

Kopp, K., Bodor, R., Makokis, L., Quinn, S., Kornberger, K., Tyler, S., … & Smale, P. (2021). kawiyahîtamik kesi wîcehtâsôk:(To Examine in Order to Support/Redirect). Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, 36(2), 210-226.

Makokis, L., Bodor, R., Calhoun, A., & Tyler, S. (Eds.). (2020). Ohpikinâwasowin: Growing a Child: Implementing Indigenous Ways of Knowing with Indigenous Families. Fernwood Publishing.

Sheliza Ladhani is a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary. Her research interests focus on anti-racism and decolonizing approaches to education.

Recent Publications Include: 

Ladhani, S. and Sitter, K. C. (2020). The revival of anti-racism: Considerations for social work education. Critical Social Work: An Interdisciplinary Journal Dedicated to Social Justice, 21(1).

Sitter, K. C., Burke, A. C., Ladhani, S., & Mallay, N. (2019). Supporting positive sexual health for persons with developmental disabilities. Stories about the right to love. British Journal of learning Disabilities, 47(4), 255-263.


In this paper, we advocate for scholars to dwell in the in-processness of knowledge creation as a m/othering method. To do so, we share an unfinished script created from a study with m/otherscholars navigating tenure. Our goal in this work is to reach beyond boundaries of institutionalized knowledge production habits driven by metrics of individual competition and knowledge ownership entrenched in the tenure track. In addition to sharing the unrefined script in which we have three composite characters—narratings, motherings, and scholarings—working through a decision to accept a tenure-clock extension due to COVID-19, we illustrate how through the process of composing the script we sensed the difficulties of separating various aspects of ourselves. In other words, it was in creating these separate characters that attuned us to vital possibilities within our research participant’s stories that challenge dominant narratives imposing a sense of irreconcilability between mothering and scholar work. Working with a pedagogy of vulnerability, we pause and let the knowledge creation possibilities filtering through the unfinished script continue to form as we simultaneously work towards fleshing in the characters to better achieve the aesthetic quality expected of an ethnodrama in future writing. In the end, we invite the reader to join in our sense-making possibilities with the unfinished script as they experience it in relation to their lived experiences.

Keywords: ethnodrama; m/otherscholars; knowledge-creation; academic publication; tenure

M/Othering rhythms, tenure clocks, and methodological pauses: Knowledge-creation with/in an unfinished ethnodrama

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