JourMS Issue 4 2019

Rewriting Trauma & Visibility: Motherwork, Pregnancy, and Birth

The most recently edited version of the journal has been posted. This is a digital humanities project; it should be viewed as a living document – feedback is welcome.

Tracy Sidesinger Letter From An Editor

Alyse Keller

Regenerative Narrative: Mothering New Stories of Disability and Illness

Eve Holzemer & Mumba Mumba

Examining the Breastfeeding Duration of Women Veterans in VISN 15 and the Predictor of Breastfeeding Continuation and Cessation

Evaniz Orellana

The White Feminist Fantasy: WOC, Resistance, and The Academy

Flavia Testa

Flavia Testa Live! Art & Community for Human Healing

Hannah Brockbank

Writing to Heal: The Artistic Embodiment of Birth Trauma in Poetry

JoAnna Boudreaux

Naming Obstetric Violence; Coercion, Bullying, and Intimidation in Non-Evidence Based Childbirth Interventions

Kimya Barden

Black Babies’ Playdates Matter: A Reflection of the Impacts of Segregation, the White Gaze, and Motherwork at a Drop-In Play Space

Lili Shi

Reproducing Chinesesness as Diaspora: An Autoethnography of Transnational Pregnancy as a Chinese Immigrant

Omolola Tosan Akinwole

Communicating Surrogacy in Nigeria: A Critical Analysis of Noor

Roksana Badruddoja

Yucky, Dirty, Goo and Mess: Rupturing Anti-Menstrual Discourse

Ruth G. Garcia

Reading to Resist: A Feminist Mother’s Attempt to Challenge Traditional Masculinity
Samantha Copithorne Understanding Postpartum Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Literature Review

Sanae Elmoudden

Policed Bodies: The Joy of Pregnancy and the Silent Loss

Souhir Zekri

On the Threshold of My Being- Border Autobiographies of Motherhood: A Dialogue Between Feminist Theory and Creative Writing

Tracy Sidesinger

The Maternal NoPersonal and Clinical Reflections on Necessary Maternal Limitations

Martha Joy Rose

Sara Knott- Book Review: Mother is a Verb
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