Annual Academic Conference

REPRODUCTIVE LANDSCAPES- Undoing m/otherhood; who has the right to talk about motherhood, who claims that status, and how do we create words, art, and scholarship moving forward?

St. Petersburg, Florida & Online / March 24-26, 2023 / Museum of Motherhood

9Martha Joy RoseZOOM: Intro
9:30Batya WeinbaumZOOM: Contextualizing Motherhood: Notes on the Power We Might Not Want to Give Away, Drawn from the Second Wave
10Justyna WierzchowskaZOOM: A Mother-Artist’s Work: Reclaiming Black Motherhood in Renée Cox’s Yo Mama and American Family Photographic Series
10:30Emily SmithZOOM: Sanctifying Pregnancy: Catholics and Natural Childbirth in the 1950s
11Danielle Bell ProcopeZOOM: The Collapsing Spheres of Black Working Motherhood at the turn of Twentieth Century 
11:30Emma OsléZOOM: Madres, Madonnas, and Orishas: Maternal Imagery in the Latin American Diaspora
12Natalia Laverde OsunaZOOM: Who is allowed to be a mother in today’s western society?
12:30 Break  
1:30Rachel VanEvery presenting for Amy Wright  ZOOM: The Indigenous Mother’s Healthcare Narrative: Her Story, Her Art, Her Way
2Liz KukuraZOOM: Embracing Maternal Ambivalence
2:30Katherine NolanZOOM: Performing Miscarriage: Material Experiences of the Loss of Motherhood
3Angela Beallor & Elizabeth Press (EP)ZOOM: Reproducing Queers: Queer Knowledge (Re)Productions and Learning with Our Gender Creative Child
3:30Mary Nickel  ZOOM: Who is She? Inclusivity, Language, and Pregnancy
4:00Kate GoldingZOOM: Monumental care: Lockdowns, caregiving and collaborative creative practice
4:30Bailey HigginsZOOM: Without A Village: Motherhood, Child Care, and COVID-19
5-6 PMOpen DiscussionZOOM: Discussion on the topics presented
9Tiffany Valencia, Christina Enodien Supervisor Michael KrampZOOM: The Mothers of Sierra Leone documentary film
9:30Aliesha ClarkZOOM: A Megaphone for Black Mothers
10:00Lyani PowersIN PERSON: Traditional / Indigenous practices and ritual as postpartum care as an act of Remembering and Revolution
10:30Jill M. WoodIN PERSON: Birth Justice: Pregnancy Self-Help Literature as Disembodiment
11Amanda ApgarIN PERSON: The new Mother Blame
11:30Laci Mattison & Jordan Von Cannon  IN PERSON: Everybody’s Mother: Post-Pandemic Parenting and the Second Shift in Academia
12 BREAK  
1Sally ButcherIN PERSON: (In) Fertile Embodiment: Revealing the Invisibility of Infertility between the Medical and the Maternal through a Feminist Art Practice
1:30Rachael GradZOOM: Motherhood Moments: creating new aesthetic space
2Valerie SmithIN PERSON: “We Were Never Meant to Survive”: An Autoethnography of Resilience and Black Motherhood
2:30Rebecca Marcelina GimenoIN PERSON: Mothering a Ghost: Bone Baby 
3JWellsIN PERSON: I don’t want someone dirty holding my baby”: Analyzing Misogynoir in Babies Behind Bars.
3:30Michelle Hughes MillerIN PERSON: Woman, mother, Person- Dobbs and the Justices’ Understandings of Pregnant People
4Brittany DeNucciEmotional Support and Mindfulness in Motherhood
4:30 – 6Discussion & DinnerCreative Grape
SUNDAYMOM Art AnnexZoom and Onsite
10 Jennifer MaherZOOM: Rescuing Maternity: Masculinity, The Child, and Queer Futurity in 9-1-1
11Estelle PhilipsZOOM: Motherhoodlum
11:30Laura BissellZOOM: Performing Matrescence: Becoming and Unbecoming
12Sarah SudhoffZOOM: Mother Chew
12:30Mateusz KucabZOOM: Duty – Fulfillment – Stigma. Motherhood in the Dramas of Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska
1:00Caron Greenblatt  ZOOM: Art Presentation  Guardians at the Gate  
1:30  PMOpen Reading/ Discussion RoundtableZOOM: Portions of a text, poetry, spoken word
FYI – Additional SharingKiesa KayLINK to Losing our Birth Centers – Let’s not leave rural woman out of academic conversations: article

See current CFPs and Read about the MoM Conference on the Museum of Motherhood Website [CLICK]. Archives are there as well.

I ❤ MOM Conference was held in St. Petersburg, Florida at the new MOM Art Annex 2017

The 10th Annual Academic M.O.M. Conference was held a CUNY, The Graduate Center in 2015, sponsored by the Women’s and Gender Studies Dept. Find out more by going to the Museum of Motherhood and clicking here.


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