JourMS submissions are peer reviewed. The Journal of Mother Studies; with a focus on mothers, fathers, and families is published annually in September. Print copies may be obtained by contacting our publisher.

Schedule is as follows:

Academic M.O.M. Conference Presentations February in Fla.
May in NYC; Alternating Annually
Call for submissions (rolling) March 15- May 25
Acceptance emails are sent and editors are paired with authors May 30
Editing process begins June 10
Editors return papers to authors July 1
Authors submit final papers and papers are forwarded for a blind review process July 15
Blind review process is completed. Last round of edits are made August 1
Lead editor submits papers for website publication August 15
Journal is posted online September 1

Join SocMS. Enroll in classes. Make a donation to the Museum of Motherhood.

Please submit any NEW 250-500 word abstracts electronically. We will then contact you and ask you to submit a full MS Word attachments article via e-mail at

Conference Presenters Submit Full Paper Via E-Mail: See Guidelines [LINK]

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