JourMS Issue 1 2016

Theorizing Motherhood in the Academy

The most recent edited version of the journal has been posted. Updates with editorial corrections, links to full downloadable papers, and art will be added the week of August 8th, 2016. Please check back for updates.

Kandee Kosior, Rosalind Howell Letter From the Editors
Catherine Ma A Critical Examination of Breastfeeding Education: A Qualitative Analysis of How First Time Mothers Learn About Breastfeeding
Hadara Scheflan Katzav Abjection: As A Springboard For Maternal Subjectivity
Lili Shi Race, Gender, and Diasporic Belonging: A critical interpretive study on Chinese immigrant women’s lived experiences of transnational maternity in Brooklyn Chinatown
Lynda Ross, Shauna Wilton Gendered Roles, Gendered Jobs: Challenges Facing Parents with/in Academia
Lynda Ross, Cheryl Kier Attachment Theory: Too far gone/gone to far
Matthew Oware, Angela Castaneda

Bringing Mothers and Fathers Together: Undergraduate Studies in Anthropology and Sociology

Mireille Lalancette, Patricia Germain What It Takes to Be a Good Mother: Representations of Motherhood in Two Canadian Parenting Magazines
Nancy Gerber A Ferocious Intimacy: Poetry by Grieving Mothers
Natasha White Maternal Subjectivity: Nurturing a Sense of Self
Paula Chambers Transcendental Housework
Renata Ferdinand I am Not Your Mammy: The Penalty for Failing to Be a Stereotype
Roberta Garett Father know best: Mother’s Milk, ‘dads’ lit and the childcare wars of the mid 2000s
Rosalind Howell Maternal Experiences: Working Non-Verbally in Groups with the Threads of Maternal Subjectivity
Sarah Fuller Censured Motherhood: Communicating the Double Bind Between Motherhood and the Professoriate
Sarah Irvin Mother Making: Artistic Practice and the Formation of a Mother
Book Reviews Liberating Motherhood by Vanessa Olorenshaw

Mothernism by Lise Haller Baggesen

Motherhood and Single-Lone Parenting: a 21 st Century Perspective by  Maki Motapanyane

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