Editorial Board Members – Join Us!

Alyse Keller ’21Amanda Hickman ’18
Amber Blair ’16Angela Castañeda ’16, ’21
Annie Mandart ’16, 21Candace Lecco ’18
Christa Baiada ’16Colleen Clements ’21
Courtney Weida ’18DaKysha Moore ’21
Donna Delprete ’20, ’21Elham Fatmae ’20
Elizabeth Philps ’18Ella Kurz ’18
Giovana Acacia Tempesta ’18Hannah Brockbank ’19, ’20, ’21
JoAnna Boudreaux ’21Joy Baum ’18
Kathy Curto ’21Keishana L. Barnes ’21
Kandee Kosior ’19Kimberly Hillier ’20
Kimya Barden ’19, 20Laura Tropp ’18
Lexy Valdes ’21Lynda Ross ’16
Martha Joy Rose ’16-’21Misty L. Knight ’19
Olatunbosun Samuel Adekogbe ’21Rachael Kulick Bommarito ’16
Renata Ferdinand ’18Rosiland Howell ’16
Sanae Elmoudden ’19Sarah Carranza ’18
Sierra A. Schnable ’18Summer Cunningham ’19
Sylvie Lafraniere ’21Tracy Sidesinger ’19, ’21

Please contact us:

We are always seeking editorial board members, lead editors, and copy-editors. Fill out the form below if you are interested in participating as an editor, blind reviewer, or just want to get involved: JourMS@gmail.com.

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