Weinbaum, Sanchez-Valenzuela 


Batya Weinbaum earned her doctorate at University of Massachusetts at Amherst She gives workshops on Studying the Divine Feminine and other topics at women’s music festivals and online through Shadybrook and other venues.  

Affiliation: Lynch College of Education and Human Development Boston College; American Public University

Recent Publications: Coming Out of Cleveland Collected Poems: 2016-2022

Jane the Virgin: Mediating Family through Technology

Searching for Peace: Voices of Grassroots Women in Palestine/Israel 1989-99. https://www.morebooks.shop/store/gb/book/searching-for-peace:-voices-of-grassroots-women-in-palestine-israel/isbn/978-620-3-57456-2

Susana Sanchez Valenzuela 

Bio: Susana is a former social studies teacher from Southern California, now residing in Mexico. She is a mom of two and has recently started a course in midwifery, exploring all things related to birth, motherhood and early childhood development. She is eager to learn about birth keeping from different cultures, fields and perspectives, centering traditional ways of knowing and working with women and babies. She hopes to one day return to the field of education to work with mothers in their communities. 


Between Jan 2013 and March 2020, Batya Weinbaum operated a feminist installation art project called “Femenina Sube: My Aquarian Age” on the streets of Isla Mujeres, MX. This tourist island off the coast of Cancun was attended to by the Maya goddess IxChel, the goddess of creativity, and on which Batya had given birth in 1992. Because she had the experience of the power of this goddess, to whom she prayed for help in conception and during birth, after her daughter left to live her own life, Batya wanted to build a shrine to the goddess and to fortify IxChel with the strength of goddesses from other lineages who performed the same function in other times, places and cultures. Batya had seen IxChel’s traditional image eclipsed with the proliferation of tourism. The street art project took off, gained a national and international presence, and soon Batya was giving tours every time someone knocked on the door and asked for an explanation. Others came along and added energies from their own cultures as the project gained momentum and increasingly expressed the spirit of the place.

Reinstalling Great Mother Presence on an Island of Women Today

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