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Shweta Bist (b. 1980) is a South Asian American photographer. Born and raised in New Delhi, India, her professional career began in the financial sector but assumed a creative direction after she became a mother. Both her daughters were born in Dubai, UAE, where she lived for six years before relocating to the U.S. in early 2013. Her practice is an exploration of maternal subjectivity, in particular, the psychological experience of owning the maternal identity.

Shweta earned her master’s degree in Commerce from the Delhi University, India, and is an alumna of the School of Visual Arts Continuing Education, NYC. Presently, she has a self-directed practice and works from her studio at home in New York City.


2022 Upcoming- Constructions/Connections, South x Southeast Gallery, Molena, Georgia (Oct-Nov)

This is Essential Work- Virtual

Color, PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT

Guardian of the Egg, Self Organized Solo Show, NY, New York

Whose Story Is it?, Spilt Milk Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

2021 These Years, Photoville, Brooklyn, NY

Multitudes, 180 Projects, Ontario, Canada

Mythical Mother, Spilt Milk Gallery- Virtual


Upcoming- Milked Mag, Issue 5: Mother & Child, Fall 2022

Milked Mag, Issue 4: The Interior, Spring 2022 

The Mothers: Life in Lockdown, The Mothers, UK, 2021

Maternal Art Magazine, UK, Feb 2021

Ginger Zine, Issue #22, 2020

Artist Talks 

Podcast – Art of Being a Mum, Ep #51, July 2022

Mother + Milked Panel Discussion, George Mason University, May 2022

Museum of Motherhood Annual Conference, Mar 2022

Featured in The Artist/ Mother Podcast, Episodes 113 and 126, 2021-22

The Missing Mother Conference, University of Bolton, UK, Apr 2021


In this photo essay, I share pictures made before and during the Covid-19 pandemic to elicit how mothering and art are deeply intertwined for me. While drawing attention to my identity as a mother and the interdependent relationship I share with my children, I delve into how the isolation of motherhood led me to a creative practice and how it has evolved over time as I have become increasingly concerned with raising empowered daughters. I contextualize this during the pandemic, which, although had its challenges, became a period of great learning and creative engagement with my children as we held each other close during this adverse time.


mothering, motherhood, photography, visual arts, feminism, maternal art, pandemic

Motherhood, Art, and a Pandemic

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