March 22, 2015

There is a grant. It is called CUNY Advance Start Up Grant:

I would like to apply on behalf of the journal, but the projects must be promoted by a professor or staff member at CUNY.

Would you consider adding your name? I would do all the work, plus write a stipend in for you (If that is allowed).

I’d need to submit it by Monday (tomorrow 5pm)

Here is what I’ve got so far. I sent this to my advisor too, but I have a feeling its not her “thing.”

Please don’t feel reluctant to respond if this is way outside the bounds. Obviously I’m committed to this cause, and I just keep looking for ways to develop it at CUNY and GC. (I’m cc-ing Matt too in case he has any ideas or feedback)

Primary contact name: Martha Joy Rose

Project title: The Journal for Mother Studies: a Digital Humanities Hybrid Project

Project narrative (max 500 words) that explains your goals and how support from CUNY Advance would benefit the project.

Read Below


This application to the CUNY Advance Start Up Grant focuses on the establishment of a Journal for Mother Studies as a digital humanities project. Professor Amínata Maraesa, Ph.D. teaches “Mothering and Motherhood” at Fordham University from an anthropological perspective. At Manhattan College Dr. Roksana Badruddoja is “exploring new research in the emerging field of Mother Studies, attempting to expose the fissures between the ideological representation of motherhood and the lived experience of being a mother.” At The Graduate Center, Dr. Barbara Katz Rothman has been exploring sociological perspectives of birth and motherhood since publishing Recreating Motherhood in1989. The Journal of Mother Studies (JourMS) will offer ways for students to get involved in a digital humanities project within the area of Mother Studies by contributing articles, editing articles, initiating debates within the field, and by publishing a select group of student-created submissions online annually.

Academic Journals are an established forum for educators and researchers to disseminate information within their field. Journals act as mediators of knowledge, advancing the canons within specific areas of investigation. There are currently two journals that focus on motherhood from an interdisciplinary perspective: 1) the Journal of the Motherhood Initiative” (JMI) in Toronto, Canada was founded in 1999, 2) the “Studies in the Maternal” journal, affiliated with MAMSIE was founded in England in 2009, 3) there is also one journal focused on fathers; “Fathering” is a part of The Men’s Studies Press Journal, published by Sage (2015). The Journal for Mother Studies, both theoretical and material, will be built, developed, and maintained using digital humanities methodology including process journals that document the growth of the field (which is ongoing and inevitable). It will include a host of open-access resources including, but not limited to: Wordle for users to analyze their article content and share, CommentPress for online editing and feedback, and Anthologize for the purposes of printing and publishing online content. In general JourMS will promote open-access resources, encourage collaboration, solicit university press publishing, and offer community-building opportunities with the broad aim of advancing the fields of Mother and Father Studies. The project has three phases: 1) the establishment of an online academic journal, 2) implementation of MOOC classes, 3) the facilitation of proliferating degreed courses of Mother Studies and Father Studies within multiple institutions. Application to this grant focuses on phase one: the establishment of an online academic journal in Mother Studies.

The CUNY Advance Start Up Grant will do several things: 1) help support a new campus-based journal, 2) innovate using the latest technology to enhance mother studies and the digital humanities, 3) emerge as a pioneer within the interdisciplinary humanities; including mother studies as informed by the arts, history, culture, the social sciences, women’s and gender studies, men’s studies, literary studies, anthropology, the folkloric, psychology, and media studies. The the new journal will generate a great deal of interest internationally as well as locally, increasing enrollment in classes at CUNY.

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