Feb. 25, 2015

I met with BKR again.
She drew me a map.
That was helpful.
This was after my “dense” email.
I worked with the librarian – she got me more confused.
I wandered the halls of the library combing through journals.
I picked out a few I liked, and brought them home.
Made copies of them.
Meditated on them.
E-mailed Repro-Network.
Asked them their opinion on Barbara’s notes.
Got a few great responses.
Worked on a new idea for the journal.
Edited the words and the website
Sent the edited words to several people: (Nancy Miller, Maria Jerskey, Julia Pollack, Donna Katz) Jerskey and Katz wrote back)

  • BKR was not interested in my packet. At all. I have decided not to send her anymore writing until I have shared it with other people and gotten their opinion first.


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