Feb. 18, 2015

I met with Shawnta at the GC library. We talked about strategies for journals. I spent the previous Saturday tracking journals and making an excel file. There are about 40 on the list. (See Attached)

Shawnta was very helpful, but I still need to identify exactly what my method for arguing for a Motherhood Studies Journal will be: A literature review of existing journals that deal with mothers? An environmental scan which could include literally thousands of journals? Or, a very specific, in depth examination of exactly what would define us and why a journal like this is important — as you can see, I am still very lost.

I spent the day in the library going through the journal stacks and the evening playing with the website and a definition for “Mother Studies.”


Barbara suggested that I stick to “humanities” which I understand, since after perusing the Society for Sociology Journals I see the distinct methodology they employ when writing their pieces. But, I also want the journal to be “interdisciplinary” enough to include articles by sociologists.

I found 2 Mother Journals: JMI and MAMSIE
I found 4 Journals that inspired me: (See Attached PDF)
Online also for reference:
This process journal helps demonstrate my struggle with simply trying to grasp the concept of exactly what the “humanities” mean, since they DO mean DIFFERENT things to DIFFERENT organizations, as well as my struggle to grasp a tenable approach to this journal project.

I am DH because I realize that I absolutely cannot work without interacting with my “virtual” program as it shapes itself on the screen. This happens simultaneously as I write the words. The two are totally linked and co-create each other: The theory and the praxis. My brain wants to see the vision as I think it. It must be the artist in me – making the theoretical real. Embodying the idea in virtual space. Its totally the only process I could even consider at this point. Thus, the website for JourMS is as much a part of my thesis project as the words I end up putting to paper.


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