CUNY Advance Start Up Grant

See below and attached for your records.
The attached document has my CV which the grant required me to submit.
Bottom of the e-mail has the confirmation of submittal.
Thank YOU for your SUPPORT Barbara – Means the world to me. Doubt the DH peeps are going to give moola to Mother Studies, but at least I tried, and you lent your good name for which I am eternally grateful.
Talk Soon, Joy

CUNY Advance Start Up Grant

Primary contact name, email and project title:

Martha Joy Rose

I will be working with Professor Barbara Katz Rothman, Sociology, Women’s & Gender Studies, Public Health at CUNY, The Graduate Center, and Baruch College

CV of the primary contact is requested (See Attached):
Project Title:
The Journal of Mother Studies: a Digital Humanities Hybrid Project
Project narrative (max 500 words) that explains your goals and how support from CUNY Advance would benefit the project (See Attached):

Anticipated needs, such as personnel with specific technical skills:
Designer & developer with technical and coding expertise in Wordpress, Buddypress, Commentpress, graphic design, and an editor.
Proposed timeline and/or workflow, including your projected deliverables at 3 months, 6 months, 1 years, and 2 years (as applicable):

This as a 3 month, summer project with a projected launch of Sept. 2015. Some work has been done on this, as part of my thesis. Much of the theoretical proposal is being laid out now under the guidance of my thesis advisor and advice from the digital humanities team. The technical development of the website portal is the component that needs facilitation. I would serve as outreach and project manager. I am a combined DH individualized major with CUNY professors who have confirmed interest in joining an editorial board.

Simple budget:

Designer: $15 per hour x 10hrs week = $150 (15 weeks) $2,250

Developer: $15 per hour x 10hrs week = $150 (15 weeks) $2,250

Advisor overview = $2,900

Text Editor $25 x 20 = $500

Hosting = $300 annually or absorbed by existing DH allowances

Project Manager $1,500


Statement of any prior and/or ongoing funding (if applicable):

No prior funding. There shouldn’t be a need for ongoing funding for this phase of the project. The editorial board will see to the continuing success of the journal. The only ongoing fees would be web hosting. Technical updates can be facilitated through the Digital Humanities Fellows.

The Journal of Mother Studies: a Digital Humanities Hybrid Project

Application to the CUNY Advance grant focuses on the establishment of a Journal of Mother Studies as a digital humanities project. The emerging field of scholarly investigation focuses on mothers, motherhood, and mothering. Professor Amínata Maraesa, Ph.D. teaches “Mothering and Motherhood” at Fordham University from an anthropological perspective. At The Graduate Center, Dr. Barbara Katz Rothman has been exploring sociological perspectives on birth and motherhood since publishing Recreating Motherhood in 1989. The Journal of Mother Studies (JourMS) will offer ways for students to get involved in a digital humanities project within the area of Mother Studies by contributing articles, editing articles, initiating debates within the field, and by publishing a select group of student-created submissions online annually.

Academic Journals are an established forum for educators and researchers to disseminate information within their field. Journals act as mediators of knowledge, advancing the canons within specific areas of investigation. There are currently two journals outside the U.S. that focus on motherhood from an interdisciplinary perspective: 1) the Journal of the Motherhood Initiative” (JMI) in Toronto, Canada was founded in 1999, 2) the “Studies in the Maternal” Journal, affiliated with MAMSIE was founded in England in 2009, 3) there is also one journal focused on fathers; “Fathering” is a part of The Men’s Studies Press Journal, published by Sage (2015). The Journal for Mother Studies, both theoretical and material, will be built, developed, and maintained using digital humanities methodology. It will include a host of open-access resources including, but not limited to: Wordle for users to analyze their article content and  share, CommentPress for online editing and feedback, and Anthologize for the purposes of printing and publishing online content. First steps include identifying a designer and developer, then using WordPress open-source technology, hosting services, buddypress plug-ins, coding and building the site, implementation of CommentPress, process reports on Github, articulation of the journal premise, opening the text for feedback, solicitation of an editorial board, and finally the launching of the journal. In general JourMS will promote open-access resources, encourage collaboration, solicit university press publishing, and offer community-building opportunities with the broad aim of advancing the fields of Mother and Father Studies. The project has three phases: 1) the establishment of an online academic journal, 2) implementation of MOOC classes, 3) the facilitation of proliferating degreed courses of Mother Studies and Father Studies within multiple institutions. Application to this grant focuses on phase one: the establishment of an online academic journal in Mother Studies.

The grant CUNY Advance Start Up Grant will do several things:  help support a new campus-based journal, innovate using the latest technology to enhance mother studies and the digital humanities, emerge as a pioneer within the interdisciplinary humanities, including mother studies as informed by: the arts, history, culture, the social sciences, women’s and gender studies, men’s studies, literary studies, anthropology, the folkloric, psychology, and media studies. The new journal will generate a great deal of interest internationally as well as locally, increasing enrollment in classes at CUNY, and be managed by its editorial board.

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