Feb. 24, 2015

I spent all day yesterday preparing a packet for BKR. This packet included:

Journal Samples
Syllabi for courses in Motherhood Studies
Responses from Repronetwork
Past MOM Conference participant topics

Plus, and perhaps most important of all, I have identified and spelled out a concept for a theory of “mother-ness” as key to this area of study.

For example, just like in Queer studies, we Queer things, in Motherhood Studies we investigate theories of “motherness.” I have also been meditating to the point of exhaustion on the various ways the JourMS, classes on Mother Studies, and the Motherhood theory all fit together.

I spoke with a new friend about it this weekend (who is not a mother), D. Kaz really responded well to the ideas, which gives me hope.

These ideas are all “in process.”

JourMS and Motherhood Studies

Motherhood Studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines m/other (“me” and “otherness”) interpretations and experiences of procreation, caregiving, and relational theory as navigated within social and cultural constructions.


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