Omolola Tosan AKINWOLE

Omolola Tosan Akinwoleis a broadcast journalist with the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Nigeria and a research student in Film Studies with a focus in communication, media, gender and culture studies with the Department of Theatre Arts, Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Omolola is passionate about the safety of pregnant and nursing mothers as well as children. Through her profession, she renders voluntary service of advocacy thereby reaching out to women and children in need in communities and also used the entertainment radio program on maternal and child health titled ‘Abiye’ to educate families on maternal and child’s health. As a research student, she has written papers on women and culture published in academic journals and as chapters in books.


Difficulty or delay in childbearing due to minor or major infertility which is often seen as a problem with the woman is resolved in many African and Nigerian families through various means. Most common of these means is the choice of a second wife and once in a while, adoption, which is still frowned at in some regions of Africa, while surrogacy which comes from the Latin word “subrogare” meaning to substitute is yet to be seen as an option by many couples in Nigeria. However, Umar Gombe, a Nigerian movie producer, in his movie Noor (2015), attempts to educate and enlighten the Nigerian society and Africans at large on the issue of surrogacy as an option to putting an end to childlessness in marriages. This paper, therefore, is an analysis of the movie, examining the medical, legal and religious views on surrogacy as portrayed in the movie and perceived by the Nigerian society.

Communicating Surrogacy in Nigeria

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