Martha Joy Rose

Martha Joy Rose is a scholar, artist, and community organizer specializing in mother studies, family studies, sociology, and gender. Her work has been published across blogs and academic journals and she has performed with her band Housewives On Prozac on Good Morning America, CNN, and the Oakland Art & Soul Festival to name a few. She is the NOW-NYC recipient of the Susan B. Anthony Award, her Mamapalooza Festival Series has been recognized as “Best in Girl-Power Events” in New York, and her music has appeared on the Billboard Top 100 Dance Charts. She founded the Museum of Motherhood in 2003, created the Motherhood Foundation 501c3 non-profit in 2005, saw it flourish in NYC from 2011-2014, and then pop up at several academic institutions. She has been developing curriculum on feminism and mother studies since 2011. Her current live/work space is the MOM Art Annex in Kenwood St. Petersburg, Florida; devoted to the exploration of mother-labor and performance art. Recent publications include ‘Motherhood and Music’, The Routledge Companion to Motherhood, EdO’brien Hallstein, O’Reilly, Vandenbeld Giles, (2019), Music of Motherhood, Demeter Press (2018), to name a few. Recent exhibitions include the St. Pete Artist Tour (2018), M.A.M.A. in collaboration with Procreate Project and The Mom Egg Review; a monthly digital expression (2016-ongoing), and the “Ima Iyla’a: Art of Motherhood” as part of the 2015 Jerusalem Biennale exhibit Multiple Poetry Performances with Alana’s Salons, online performances of poetry and spoken word during COVID (2020-21) Artist Entry Winner to design and execute original art at the Seminole Park Bench Painting Project in Kenwood, St Petersburg Florida (2021), St Pete Individual Artist Grant for memoir Sing Out Sister (work in progress).

Pamela J. Downe 2021Collective Care: Indigenous Motherhood, Family, and HIV/AIDS. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. ISBN: 978-1-4875-8763-5

Judith Smith, Difficult: Mothering Challenging Adult Children through Conflict and Change will be published byRowman & Littlefield in February 2022

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