Hadara Scheflan Katzav

Hadara Scheflan Katzav, is the head of the Art department at the Kibbutzim College ofEducation in Tel Aviv and a lecturer in the Department of Interior Design, the College ofManagement. Her research interests focus on motherhood in art, critical theory and feminist Psychoanalysis. She is a pioneer in Israel in the study of the relations between gender and art. She teaches courses such as art and gender, the post-modern discourse,theory and criticism of art, and seminars in art, gender, ecology, philosophy and psychoanalysis. PhD in Cultural Studies at Tel Aviv University, Dissertation. “The Encounter between the Maternal Subject and the Visual Signifier in Current Israeli Art.” Her researches are published in numerous publications, and she attends in conferences worldwide.

‘Abjection’ as a springboard for maternal subjectivity


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