Flavia Testa


Flavia Testa is an international outsider artist. Largely self-taught she has always used art as a means of expression, communication, and for gaining insight into life’s problems complexities.

Her beginnings are a mystery as she was found in a box on the stoop of a hospital in Pre-Revolutionary Iran.

An outsider artist is a talented, self-taught artist who rarely sells or shows art while alive, but who garners interest and mystery from the outside world that they live in.

Between the years 1998 to 2001 she had three children. Motherhood became a new frontier to work within art and since 2004 she has been an avid composer of works relating to parenting and motherhood in all of its guts and glory. Her work has been commissioned by Universities around America, Canada, and Europe. She has made art for organizations and NGOs including One Billion Rising, Iran loves Israel, Be the Peace Institute, Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women, South Shore Women’s Centre, Immigrant Women of Nova Scotia, the Italian Association of Nova Scotia, The Museum of Motherhood (NY and FL), and has work in private and public institutions.

She continues her ongoing support where art can be used as a tool to open discussions and enable change and thought.


Our traumas are all unique to our stories but the human condition of needing nurturing, care, love, safety and hope are universal. Art bridges those dark gaps and lets us share our commonality through community.

Flavia Testa Live! Art & Community for Human Healing

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