Evaniz Orellana


Evaniz I. Orellana is a student double majoring in Psychology and Sociology at Manhattan College. She is expected to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in May 2020 from Manhattan College. Her first and recent publication is “Gender & Power in the Academy: Gender Ideologies on Rate My Professor” (Logos, 2019). Her focus is on intersectional theory, non-traditional self-care methods, especially for people of color, and women’s rights.


This piece shows how valuing intersectional theory can allow people of color to embrace the individuality of their identities. It allows individuals who feel uncomfortable with their identities to gain a sense of pride in themselves. My hope is that it encourages individuals to love themselves wholeheartedly and to explore their identities and family history to a greater extent, so that they may become more in tune with themselves and their loved ones.

The White Feminist Fantasy: WOC, Resistance, and The Academy

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