COVID-19 and its Impact on Mothers

How Bleak Is It?

As the difficulties of the 2020 school season and our impacted home-lives drag on into 2021 (and beyond), we are all seeking new and expanded ways to survive. While the pandemic continues to rage, mothers find themselves simultaneously charged with nurturing their families, dealing with the mental health implications of extended isolation, the financial repercussions of work/home life, and looking for the courage to continue for another day, week, year.

How Long Can We Hang On?

It seems like we might be in a cycle of unchallenged political friction, world instability, and ongoing international pandemic status. How do mothers hang on? How long can we maintain in the midst of extreme climate volatility and in-home friction? Some of us, white knuckle it, some write, some make art, some conduct research, some seek to ameliorate their circumstances by broadening their horizons with the kind of information, support, and community that crosses borders, space, time, and yes- even hearts.

Motherhood is the Necessity of Invention

If you, like me, believe that we have always faced obstacles that seem insurmountable, yet somehow we have persevered, then you understand it when I say, mothers are the true leaders of the world. While politicians may seem like they are in charge, it is actually us – the changemakers and careworkers of society that keep everything going. We do that, in small ways, and large ways, everyday.

The Journal of Mother Studies

Through this journal publication we cross cultures, disciplines, and subject matter, connecting readers (and each other) to a community of seekers. So much of the content presented here is unique in the sense that it not only springs from the head, but also the heart, and perhaps even the spirit. The Journal of Mother Studies and its contributors, seek to broaden our understanding of difficult subjects from a variety of perspectives, thus offering an intersectional place of connection and compassion.

Thank You

Thank you to all those who have contributed to this year’s journal. Thank you to Colleen Clements for jumping bravely into the fray to do the hard work of journal editor. Thank you to all our authors, artists, and editors. Thank you to our blind reviewers. Each of you have helped make this journal a truly inspiring place for readers (and authors) to connect over relevant and timely material related to these challenging times.

What’s Next?

Do you have a topic, university, or physical location and dream to partner with the annual Academic MOM Conference in the future? Do you have a suggested CFP, or other creative endeavor that might benefit the Museum of Motherhood? We look to you, to contribute to pioneering these great initiatives. Together we are STRONG.

In Gratitude, Appreciation, and Compassionate Concern,

Martha Joy Rose, Founder MOM, JourMS (

Additional Resources:

It has come to my attention that a new publication titled: The Global Impact of Covid-19 on Maternity Care Practices and Childbearing Experience is currently posted online and may offer additional insight into your work as well as our future experiences. You can access this collection of articles here.

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