Catherine Ma


Catherine Ma is a social-personality psychology and an assistant professor of psychology. Her research focuses on breastfeeding ideology, maternal experiences, and the lived experiences of immigrants. It was through nursing her three children that inspired her to devote her research to helping other nursing mothers have a more empowering breastfeeding experience. When she is not teaching undergraduates, she enjoys yoga, sunny beaches, and spending time with her soul mate of 28 years and their children.


This auto-ethnography explores my journey through motherhood in how I define ferocity as a Chinese American mother. My journey focuses on the transformative aspects of mothering that have greatly influenced myself as a mother, researcher, psychologist, and professor. In this chapter, I share some of my greatest life lessons as a mother who has found her passion in life and how my children taught me the power of forgiveness. It was through these lessons that have shaped my definitions of ferocity in mothering and enabled me to find my voice.

The Varying Degrees of Ferocity in Performing Mothering as a Chinese American Mother

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