Candace Lecco – Letter From the Editor

Candace Lecco

Letter From the Editor: Journal of Motherhood Studies 3rd Edition

I am pleased to announce the third issue of the Journal of Motherhood Studies. The unique digital humanities project has returned with verve- eleven distinctive works from a diversity of remarkable women are featured within.

With profound love and responsibly comes fear and controversy. The journey of motherhood speaks to each soul in boundless grooves, impressed by an infinite number of experiences.

Commenting on motherhood may feel like a frustrating dance, committing yourself to a perpetual pirouette around what you want others to understand. We apply science to our study as we search for answers to what ails families and societies today. Such answers are easily applied to debate and, consequently, shape social policy. Traditionally, scientific study strips away the excess to remove what is distracting us from seeing the hypothesized truth. It is a necessary and brilliant process of human advancement that, despite its recent superficial reputation, unites us.

The excess is replaced by another sector of human advancement- the humanities. Emotions, anecdotes, memories, anomalies, dreams, expectations, failures, and drama shape what it means to be human. Such quarrels exist between one human brain and another and manifest in powerful ways. How we treat ourselves and each other is contingent on our unique perspectives. It is so important that we developed the clever ability to share it with others. Understanding virtuously exploits our individual right to invigorate our intellections. Understanding has the power move and sway our deceitfully jejune self-talk.

Herein lies the peculiar, courageous, and elegant representation of contemporary motherhood. From academia to the artist’s eye, the authors and editors of JourMS cultivate both the corporeal and enigmatic elements evoked by studying motherhood in 2018.

The Journal of Motherhood Studies encourages you to interact with our posted submissions.

Feedback, thoughts, and conversation are emphatically welcome.


Candace Lecco, Editor

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