Angela Castañeda and Matthew Oware

Angela Castañeda is Edward Myers Dolan Professor of Anthropology at DePauw University. Dr. Castañeda earned her doctorate in Cultural Anthropology from Indiana University. Her expressive research in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and the U.S. explores questions on religion, ritual, culture and most recently, the cultural politics of reproduction, birth and motherhood. Dr. Castañeda’s work has appeared in publications including The Latin Americanist, Comparative Perspectives on Afro-America, The African Diaspora and the Study of Religion, and the Journal of Africana Religions.

Matthew Oware received his Ph.D. from Indiana University in Bloomington. He is a Full Professor in the Sociology and Anthropology department. His research includes analyses of the construction of multiracial identity, Black masculinity in African- American expressive culture, and the Black family in American society. He has publications in the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, Poetics, and the Journal of African American Studies, among others.

Bringing Mothers and Fathers Together: Undergraduate Studies in Anthropology and Sociology


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