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Alla came to the United States from the former Soviet Union in 1980. She graduated from the Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Alla has been painting all her life, influenced by her late mother, the renowned Russian artist Berta Kuznetsova. Alla’s artwork has been shown in numerous galleries, including the Museum of Russian Art in Jersey City. Alla continues to hold a full-time job in IT and paints every chance she gets. Alla lives with her family in Scarsdale.

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A Mother’s Art Marathon

With lifelong passion for painting, formal training in art, and a successful career in IT, I found myself overwhelmed as I added motherhood to my “portfolio.” The first year after my son’s birth, I felt splintered into two—a professional and a mother. It was through an “Art Marathon” that I would transform my clashing identities into a cohesive whole. Each day I collected fragments of thoughts and feelings. Each night I poured them onto canvas. With every painting, I felt more whole, with renewed ability to experience love for my family, and fulfillment in my work.

As we celebrated my son’s 15th birthday, I suddenly recalled these 182 paintings. Feeling an intense need to share them with the world, I created my website – showing the joys and sorrows, love and fears, chaos and colors that flowed through me in the first year of motherhood.


Link to the Mother’s Art Marathon, volume 1 pictures:

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